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Anthropological Bibliographies & Research Documents

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coordinated by Kevin E. Smith <kesmith AT>

Aboriginal Overkill and Native Burning
compiled by C.E. Kay
Annotated Microwear Bibliography
compiled by Michael J. Miller <millermj AT>
Application of Ultraviolet Fluorescence to Lithic Sourcing
by Hugh Jarvis <hjarvis AT
Archaeology in Fiction Bibliography
compiled by Anita Cohen-Williams
Bibliography of Bioarchaeological Studies
compiled by Arthur H. Harris <aharris AT UTEP.EDU>
Bibliography of Death and Burial Customs
compiled by M.D. Bathrick & C.M. Niquette
Bibliography of the Cook Islands
compiled by Kristen Corey
Bibliography of Tonga
compiled by Helen Mortan
British and Irish Archaeological Bibliography (BIAB) (online searchable database)
"nearly 100,000 references to material published between AD 1695 and June 1991"
CSAC Anthropology Bibliography
compiled by the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing
Environmental Archaeology Bibliography (EAB) database for the British Isles
compiled by Dr Dominique de Moulins (English Heritage) <d.demoulins AT>
Ethnoarchaeology Bibliography
compiled by Nicholas David
Ethnobotany and Palaeoethnobotany
compiled by Michael (Smoke) Pfeiffer <mpfeiffer AT>
Feminist Bibliography
compiled by Anita Smith
Fiji Bibliography
compiled by Adrian Tanner
Foraging bibliography
compiled by Robert Lawless
Gunflint Bibliography
compiled by K. Kris Hirst <archaeology AT>
Historic and Pre-Historic Native Smoking Pipe Bibliography
compiled by Michael (Smoke) Pfeiffer <mpfeiffer AT>
Hunter-Gatherer Bibliography
compiled by James W. Helmer
Life History Bibliography
compiled by Ron Grimes
"Looting Question" Bibliography: Literary Resources on the Archaeological Politics of Private Collecting, Commercial Treasure Hunting, and "Professional" Archaeology
compiled by Hugh Jarvis <hjarvis AT>
Nearest-Neighbor Statistical Analysis Bibliography
compiled by Charlotte Hunter <hunterc AT>
Nestor Bibliography
Classical Archaeology Bibliography at U Indiana
Obsidian Bibliography (or try the older zip file)
compiled by the International Association of Obsidian Studies (IAOS)
Projectile Point Bibliography (updated Jan 2015)
compiled by Michael (Smoke) Pfeiffer <mpfeiffer AT>
Projectile Point Use-Wear Bibliography
compiled by John Dockall <dockall AT>
References on American Indian Use of Fire in Ecosystems
compiled by G.W. Williams
Symbolism of Charmstones and Other Ritual Objects -- an annotated Bibliography
compiled by Peter T. Rhode
Tourism -- An Anthropological Bibliography
compiled by Robert Lawless

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